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Face Off: Caged Booties

I know…another post about shoes already. I’m working on taming my addiction and will try to limit my weekly number of posts on shoes.

Shoes are my favorite thing to shop for because you can try on a million pairs in such a short amount of time and you don’t have to go to a fitting room and undress! Is that lazy of me? I envy those people that can try on the sizes that are out on display. (Yes, I’m lazy.) Those sizes are usually a 6 or 7. I’m a size 9 and have to track down a sales person to get my size from the back. Though, it doesn’t stop me from having them pull 5+ pairs to try on. Poor shoe salesman…

Anyways, Jimmy Choo set the tone on caged booties. While I love the Choos, spending a grand is not in my budget. The MICHAEL Michael Kors bootie is similar and at a lower cost. Caged booties can dress up black /dark toned skinny jeans or they can go more formal with a cocktail dress.

Caged Booties

Left | Right

I love these close toed ones.

Face Off: Buckled Booties

Buckled Booties

Left | Right

These buckled booties totally say “rocker chic.” They will go great with your skinnies and a moto jacket, a party dress, or tights and a skirt. If you don’t want to spend a lot on this trend, the bootie from Target (left) is almost a duplicate of the Sam Edelman bootie (right) and you won’t have to spend a lot to get the rocker chic look.