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Celebrations in Santa Barbara

santa barbara

Beautiful view outside of where we stayed

santa barbara

Spotted an artsy bike on our walk to Stearns Wharf where we sipped on wine at Deep Sea Winery – one of the wineries on the Urban Wine Trail

santa barbara

Birthday dinner at Stonehouse at San Ysidro Ranch!

santa barbara

Amazing trees all over Santa Barbara

santa barbara

Unique ones too


Cute little area where we ate dinner on the 4th


Brandy Alejandro at Cielito Restaurant

santa barbara

Me and my twin sister before our wine tour (yes, I’m a twin!)


Gorgeous tunnel at Sunstone Winery


Spent way too much money on wine at the Dragonette Cellars (so good!)

santa barbara

Rows of grapevines where we stopped for lunch

santa barbara

Tasted some grapes

santa barbara

My sister with our awesome tour guide, Scott from Sustainable Wine Vine Tours (seriously, look no further than this place for wine tours in Santa Barbara)

santa barbara

Loved the views (and wine) at Grassini Family Vinyards

santa barbara

Tasted wine outside by the lake at Grassini

santa barbara

Struck a pose in my Free People dress and Madewell bag

santa barbara

Happy after a day of wine tasting

Activities not pictured:

This was such a fun trip! Santa Barbara was the perfect destination to celebrate my (our) birthday and America’s birthday.

What’s Your Number?

What's Your Number?

{ASOS T-Shirt – similar, similar, similar}

No, not like the movie, which was actually pretty good by the way. But what number do you say when someone asks you to choose a number between 1-100? What number do you always select when you play the lotto? What number do you always play on the craps table?

Everyone has a favorite number and I love hearing stories on how people came to choose their favorite number. My favorite number is 22.

My story: I started playing on the varsity volleyball team my sophomore year of high school and was pretty much given a jersey because I was the youngest one on the team. I was given number 22 and was okay with it because I like even numbers. I had a crush on a boy in high school who’s football jersey number was 8. I remember glancing at the clock one day and it was 8:22pm…I thought it was a sign that we were meant to be together. Hah! Oh the high school glory days…

high school photo

22 has been my number ever since!

So, what’s your number?


Hello, 2014!


I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year celebration! I was very lucky to have a lot of time off from work during the holidays and was able to reflect on things that I would like to work on in the year to come. I decided to publish my resolutions in hopes that it will hold me more accountable.

So, here they are:

1. Stop snoozing – 45 minutes to an hour of snoozing is normal for me. It has become a big problem. I’m not sure if I can cut snoozing out completely (yet!), so I’m going to take baby steps for 2014 and tell myself to only snooze for 10 minutes. Maybe in 2015 I can stop this awful habit.

2. Wake up at the same time every weekday – because of my snoozing and the fact that I don’t have to be at work until 9am, I don’t have a set time that I wake up at. I have an “ugh, I guess I’ll get up” time. I usually set my alarm pretty early with ambitions to wake up to workout, blog, do errands or chores, but that rarely happens and I end up snoozing.

^^Even with these two bad habits, I am a very punctual person and arrive early to wherever I need to be in the mornings. However, I think that changing these two habits will improve my overall well being and alertness throughout the day.

3. Take my lunch to work more often – my co-workers know that they can count on me as a lunch buddy. While I try to eat healthy when I go out to eat, there are a lot of added ingredients that could be avoided by making my own meal. Plus, it would save me some money.

4. Work out three times a week and get outside for at least one workout a week.

5. Stop snacking right before dinner – I’m ravenous after work. Instead of grabbing something to snack on while cooking or waiting for dinner, I need to drink water and save myself those extra calories.

6. Clean out my closet – I typically clean out my closet right before a move and that was once a year from 2005-2012. Now that my husband and I are homeowners and will be here for a while, I can see my closet piling up and getting unorganized. It is definitely time to part with several garments that I no longer wear.

7. Set goals for my blog and work towards them – I’ve had so much fun with my blog so far and look forward to seeing it progress even more in 2014. I just need to set goals and strive to meet them.

Thanks to those of you that visit my blog! Feel free to comment on some things that you would like to see in 2014! You can also comment on this post to check in on whether or not I’m keeping up with my resolutions. ;)

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Must-Read: Tim Gunn Talks Etsy and Project Runway

"When something good comes, it will always feel like a risk at first."

“When something good comes, it will always feel like a risk at first.”

 Image via Etsy

This is a great read for lovers of fashion, Project Runway, Etsy, and of course, Tim Gunn.

I do not miss an episode of Project Runway and you will often find me drawing garments that I would have designed if I were on the show.


photo-3 copy

No, I did not major in Fashion Design (if it isn’t obvious from my lack of fashion sketching skills), but if I could go back in time, I would definitely study to be a designer. Growing up, I wanted to be either an Architect or Interior Designer. Good foundation for a Fashion Designer? I think so! ;) I’ll just keep dreaming.

Make it work

 Image via Etsy