fashionaholic (n.) State in which a person is undeniably, uncontrollably and incurably addicted to anything fashion related. The person may experience constant shopping, online shopping, window shopping or wishing they were shopping. Other symptoms include making their own clothes, drawing clothes, talking about clothes and touching and smelling clothes. Failure to achieve these while in the state of being a fashionaholic may end in constant and excessive crying, shouting, screaming and/or hyperventilation. Fashionaholics are always fashionably put together, are rarely ever behind in the fashion “what nows” and practically worship top name designers.

high waisted blog

Hello. My name is Shannon and I’m a fashionaholic. I am addicted to stripes, black & white, tribal prints, vests and shoes. Oh, and anything high waisted.

I started my blog as a place to exhaust my fashion addiction. I hope you enjoy it and will continue to stop by!


Blogging from Houston, Texas

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