Denim Dress

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I was 14 weeks pregnant in these photos (now 39 weeks). It’s crazy to look back and see how much my body has changed! Being pregnant and gaining 40 pounds really has made me appreciate my pre-pregnancy body more. I used to be so critical of myself in photos, but now I look back at old photos and think, “daaaang girl you look good!” I’m due in one week and am really looking forward to getting back in shape and wearing normal clothes again. I also can’t wait to get back on a blogging schedule and share more posts with you. I thought I would be able to manage my blog while juggling my full time job, pregnancy, and preparing for baby…but I failed. Once the baby is born and I’ve surpassed the early struggles of figuring out how to raise a newborn, I plan to get back at it, so stay tuned! I’ve been brainstorming post ideas out the wazoo and can’t wait to share!

I bought this denim dress at the Gap last year. They no longer have it in pearl snaps, but they have a very similar option. I paired it with a baseball hat, edgy statement necklace, and sneakers for a more casual look, but it’d also look good with your summer wedges and bright accessories like this purse or necklace.

I have a feeling that I’ll be gravitating towards all of my loose-fitting tops and dresses post-pregnancy; this denim dress included.


GAP Dress // J. CREW Hat (similar) // VINCE Shoes // LOEFFLER RANDALL Purse // URBAN OUTFITTERS Necklace (similar)

Photos by Dallas Edison

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